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Hello, Suzanne!!

Just to let you know the cookies were grrrrrrreat! They arrived in great shape, only one broken one. I shared them with all the staff at the library and of course my husband John. Here's two pictures. The first one of me in the staff kitchen after lunch and one of my Director, Debbie Owen and our Children's Librarian, Carolyn Clark - also in the staff kitchen. They are "toasting a cheer for the cookies".

Thanks so much,
Your reading friend, Ilene.


Here's the picture of Mother & I enjoying our cookies. Sorry I didn't get a picture of the wrapping flying when I opened the box, digging for cookies. The cookies are terrific. I shared with my husband as a "thank you" for taking the picture. And thanks for the extra flyers & cards. They will be used!!!


Pictured Left to right are: Anne, Jane, Betsy, Tessa (holding the plate of cookies), Lanora Hurley (owner of Next Chapter Book Shop), Leslie Kagen, and Rachel.

Dear Suzanne,

The cookies were a big hit as we celebrated the opening of Next Chapter Book Shop in Mequon WI. We corralled all the staff who were present when I stopped by in the late afternoon. And Leslie Kagen, an author, happened to be in the store as well, so we got her to pose with us. One of the customers took the picture (we paid her in cookies).
Don't you just love their T-shirt?! The front has the saying: "There's more to life than what you read in books, but not a lot more." The back has the logo. I bought a red one.
Several people commented on how wonderful the cookies were, especially since they were "still squooshy." Whatever you do to keep them soft and chewy - keep doing it!
Happy reading, Tessa


Hello to all,

Here's lucky me at the Medford, OR library with my gorgeous book bag!

Thanks for all you do =)


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Dear Suzanne,
I'm sorry this has taken so long. I was the winner of one of your bubble machines and FINALLY, I am sending you photos of my son thoroughly enjoying the machine. My son has some speech delays and his therapist used his love of bubbles as one way to get him to speak. If he wanted to pop them he first had to say, "Pop." Well - you can imagine the storm of words when a machine began churning out hundreds of bubbles!!! He LOVES the machine & I am very thankful to have won one from you.
Thank you so much!!!!