Satisfied Cookie Winners!

Here are recent winners of cookies, bubble machines and book bags. To enter this month’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Giveaway all you need to do is give me your name and address, in case you’re a winner, and promise to send me a photo of you eating the cookies. It’s as simple as that. Click here to enter.

The photo on the right? That’s me and the newest addition to our family, five month old James.

Thanks for reading with me. It’s so good to read with friends.

Suzanne Beecher


Dear Suzanne,
I'm sorry for the delay in sending these pictures. I had to wait for my husband to show me how to download my camera and send the pictures. In the Vicksburg Library Book Club are Dixie Johnson, Jane Puvogel, Sue Nielson, Maira MacLeod, Sandy Bogema, Louise Russell, our leader Rachel Freeman, and next to the sign holder Lorraine West. There were enough cookies left I also took them to a meeting of The Daughters of the King, a church group that also has book discussions. Since it was a Michigan snow storm day, not many showed up. Those that did from left to right are June DeLong, Lois Weed, and Betty Mattson. (I took the picture, so I'm not in that one.) Everyone enjoyed the cookies, were impressed they came all the way from Florida (unbroken), and said how good they were. Thanks so much for the treat. I enjoyed telling everyone about your book club and I'm sure some will be checking it out.
Sincerely, Lorraine

cookie-nancy-0309Dear Suzanne:
I can't believe I won cookies! What a day-brightener! I shared them with my co-workers: they did not last long (the cookies, not the co-workers!)!
I've attached a picture. There are actually 14 of us who work full time, plus 10 part-timers, but not everyone was working at the time of the photo. Plus, several were camera shy. That's me on the left (in pink): then Jenny, who works at Adult Circulation and helps with Teen Programs; and Shirley, our Director.
Thanks again not only for the cookies, but for the joy you bring to all of us who are part of the book clubs. It's like a bit of Florida sunshine in a cold, snowy Dakota winter (or spring for that I write this we are in a blizzard warning!)
Have a great day! —Nancy

Dear Suzanne,

What a treat; your cookies are delicious. We have enjoyed them, shared them and now will make some more using your recipe. Your book club has inspired so many readers to check the "rest of the book" out of the library or buy their own copy; it truly is good to read with friends. I've enjoyed your musings, the discussions with authors, your photos and the recipes. The best part is the happy start to my day; many thanks. My husband snapped this photo as we were having our afternoon coffee break. Thanks again for all that you do. —Marge


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