Leather sofas, a gas fireplace, flat screen TVs, a media room, two bedrooms, screened-in porch overlooking the Smokies, an outdoor hot tub and fire pit, a full kitchen with granite countertops, we really had to “rough” it!

Quilting into the evening, in the media room.

The “Welcome Mat” to Millstone Lodge, our secluded cabin in the Smokies. A big thank you to the Great Smokys Cabin Rentals. They did a wonderful job of finding the cabin for us.

Our cabin’s cookie jar. Yes, I baked homemade chocolate chip cookies while I was on vacation. My husband loved them, and so did the colorful bear.


My Picture Postcard of the Smoky Mountains

Thanks for reading with me. It’s so good to read with friends. --Suzanne Beecher


The view from our screened-in porch. We also had two hummingbirds who lived right outside. I had never seen a real-live hummingbird before, only pictures. The noise their wings make is very, very loud, and spooky at first. It’s amazing how fast their wings are going. A previous guest had put up a hummingbird feeder, so we cleaned it out and refilled it with fresh sugar water.

My husband set up his laptop and guitar equipment on the table. He’s a tall guy, and the pointed edges of the chandelier came dangerously close to poking him. So on his first trip into town to pick up supplies, he also bought a package of baby bottle nipples. What an ingenious, amusing idea. They slid right over top of those points of the chandelier.


This is the memory that will stay with me forever from our Smoky Mountain vacation.

We loved the cabin so much, and there were so many places to walk, we rarely left Blaine Mountain. Everything we needed to refresh our spirits, we found.


This is the quilt material I am working with. Fall colors, stitched together in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains--too bad I didn’t finish it while we were there. I would have left it for others to use.