Hi Suzanne,

I'm a Captain in the U.S. Army currently stationed in Iraq.  I wanted to share on of our favorite recipes for a desert we make in the  field. It is called Ranger Pudding. You have probably heard of MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat). Inside of an MRE package is an accessory package field  with essentials such as toilet paper, matches, gum, hot cocoa mix, instant coffee, and other items to make life pleasant. To make Ranger Pudding all you need to do is combine the cocoa mix, sugar, instant coffee,  and instant creamer into the cocoa package. Dry mix these ingredients and  then add water for the desired consistency. It is incredibly delicious and  with all the sugar and caffeine it gives a great boost.

My mother's  neighbor is a lifelong teacher and she referred me to your book club. When I get home I will have so many books to read. I have started so many with you  and I hope to finish them later. I have included a picture of me and a friend for your amusement. As you say, it is good to read  with friends.

John Thompson

What a great photo! Captain John Thompson reads at the Kanawha County Public Library's Online Book Club in West Virginia.

Stay safe. We're thinking of you John.

Thanks for reading with us. We're thrilled to be reading with you.

Warm regards,
Suzanne Beecher

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