Bloom Where You are Planted


Plants are shooting up through the decorative stones, but I didn't plant any of them. They decided where they wanted to grow. And it was a good choice. They look beautiful.

I planted everything in this pot except the tall plant in the back. Actually it’s a weed, but a colorful, beautiful one. So now it’s become part of the family.

This is the strangest phenomenon, plants growing up through the cracks in the bricks. There are now five plants growing on my front steps. Delivery people are kind enough to step around them.

I tried four times to plant something in this pot. Every time the flowers died. But now there’s a cute little plant in the pot, and I have no idea how it got there.

I did plant one of these in my flower garden, but it’s way on the other side of my yard.

These brave plants decided not to stay within the boundaries.

The area in front of the yellow trellis used to just have ground cover growing, but not anymore. A variety of plants decided to move in.