My Plants Love the Sunshine Too


Dear Reader,

When I bought this plant it was just an itty-bitty thing. I found it at a roadside Farmer's Market. It needed a home and I had space to fill in my garden. There wasn't an identifying tag on the plant when I bought it, so I didn't know what kind of plant it was, and I wasn't even sure if it liked the sun or the shade. So I guessed.

And I must have guessed correctly, because look at the size of this thing. It grew up quickly and reproduced and now it has brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles—all kinds of relatives. This plant multiplied so many times that it started overshadowing everything else in my garden so I had to break up the family. But not to worry, I've already found a good home for it. My mailman is planting it in his yard. He's stopping by this afternoon after he finishes his route to pick it up.

Thanks for reading with me. It's so good to read with friends.

Warm regards from Florida,
Suzanne Beecher

This huge poinsettia was a little potted plant last Christmas. I didn't think it
would grow, much less turn a lovely pink again this Christmas.