Suzanne’s Online PJ Party

The neat thing about a pajama dinner party is that when I get up in the morning, I’m already dressed for dinner!

Hi Suzanne,

Attached is a picture of my family one Christmas. I was probalby no more than 2. My three oldest siblings are dressed but we are still playing with our pjs on. Bernie

Dear Suzanne.

Thanks so much for the fun contests. I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s story about their pajamas and what they have meant to them. I know there’s a picture of me somewhere in my favorite pajamas, but I can’t find it at the moment. I was a young married adult and my first house was always very cold. My parents bought me leopard print footie pajamas with red trim and a hood. I didn’t care that they weren’t very sexy, I was just glad to be warm.

I’d like to find 2 piece footie pajamas for me now that I am older. My feet are always cold. But a cat or 2 sleeping with me helps keep me warm now. My sister-in-law used to buy matching pajamas for my 3 nephews when they were younger. They’d wear them to my mom’s (grandmom) on Christmas morning to have breakfast with all the family. Now that they are older and Grandmom is unable to cook for us all, she takes us to the diner the day after Christmas. So no more matching pj’s and I kind of miss that, but since they are all taller than me now, it’s still a great family tradition to all get together. Pat


No pictures I am afraid but my favorite pj's as a kid were those footed kind. Loved those things. Think I had a pair every year until I got to big for them. They were great for sliding on the floors too! My mom loved that part I am sure. Every kid should have at least one pair. They were warm too. Extra bonus in the winter. Thanks for the fun, Rebecca


I have been friends with a family that became a family to me a long time ago. While I have so many fond memories of these people to even begin to count, I can’t help but think of them when it comes to pajamas.

I guess because we used to go camping together we grew comfortable being in our pj’s in front of each other. Not like with some friends, where it feels out of place to wear them. We never had that problem.

My favorite memory of us all together in our jammies is on New Years Eve. Most people dress to the hilt, ring out the year like they had tons of money. We never worried about stuff like that. We just worried about being comfortable and having tons of fun. Us ladies usually wore men’s bottoms with an oversized sweatshirt, and the kids always had on their newest ones that they had just got for Christmas. Even the guys would wear their flannels.

And then we would play games until that clock struck twelve and we donned our party hats and tiaras, streamers and silly string, noise makers and champagne. And we would toast to the New Year, knowing that it would be fun and special because we would be together, making more memories in the year to come. Sincerely, Kathy


Whatever happened to "ski pajamas"? My brother and I both wore them. They had cuffs around the wrists and ankles, and they never rode up like the flannel ones that we wear today do. We loved our jammies, and thinking about them brings back all kinds of fun memories about growing up. David

My favorite memory of pajamas, is from when I was a child. My mom used to buy me the flannel nightgowns like she wore. My favorite thing was on a cold winters day, standing over the heater on the floor in the living room and letting the hot air blow up the nightgown. My mom used to buy them big for me, so it would end up blowing out like a balloon :) It was so nice and cozy. \My mom would sit on the couch, and me standing over the heater and we would just talk, I can't remember about what now, but it was just such a wonderful feeling. Marie

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