These are some of my favorite family birthday party themes. To see my all-time favorite Dinosaur Party, go to: dino party. Be sure to enter the party decoration giveaway, at the bottom of the Dino Party page. Look through all of the party ideas, choose the one you like best, add it to your entry form, and if you are a winner I’ll send you something to compliment your party.

This was a flower party for my brother-in-law who truly has a green thumb. His yard is blooming flowers.

Kids and adults get involved in the games and activities at my parties. This was a foot painting party. Take off your shoes, cover the bottom of your foot and start walking!

My grandson loves vintage cars and I was so lucky to find vintage car dining “plates”. The party was a big hit!

Even “big boys” wear party hats at my parties.

If your birthday boy or girl has a favorite super hero, you’re all set with a theme.

It was a homemade surprise birthday party. I made all of the hats and flower decorations. My 23 years old granddaughter was visiting, so I surprised her with a month early birthday party.

Everyone in our family loves cats, Everyone’s face was painted by the end of the party.

These are some of the decorations from our cat face painting party.

Minecraft was an easy theme to put together and a TNT pinata, loaded with candy, was a dynamite ending!

It was a “Down on the Farm” birthday party. Walking balloon cows, pigs and chickens and a cow cutout for photos.

Yes, the parties take a lot of time, but walking down memory lane, while assembling these photos for you, I’m so happy I’ve made “Grandma’s Parties” a birthday tradition.

Birthday Party Decorating Ideas