Jungle Birthday Party


Paul, my 15-year-old grandson wanted to bake his brother's birthday cake with me the day before the party. But Paul wasn't feeling well, so the cake baking was left up to me. It was a last minute thing, so Grandma bought a cake instead. It was the first time I didn't bake the cake. I was feeling a little guilty, about not making the cake, but oh my gosh, the bakery's cake was fantastic.

My husband and I gave James, the birthday boy, a 90-day pass to SkyZone. It was a simple gift card, but we wrapped it in a huge box stuffed with a lot of paper.

(Below) I always start decorating a week in advance, in case I need to add something. Good thing I did this time, too, because I didn't order enough raffia to circle the table.


The jungle animals were amazing. When you looked at them head-on, they looked real. Jungle sound affects were the final touch. My grandson took the zebra, baby elephant and giraffe home.