Abigail's Flat Stanley

On Saturday we took Flat Stanley to the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, Florida. Stanley loved the butterflies in the butterfly garden.


My grandson, Paul, enjoyed blowing bubbles with Flat Stanley. If you look close you can see a bubble in front of Flat Stanley.


The next day our neighbors invited my husband and me to go for a boat ride and they invited Flat Stanley, too. (We took Flat Stanley’s life jacket off for the photo.)


We had to slow the boat down for some manatees swimming by us. Flat Stanley said he’d never seen a manatee before.


Later in the evening we docked at a restaurant on the water. Stanley devoured a huge plate of fried clams and curly fries. (Boy can that kid eat!) He boogie’s too! There was a live band playing and Flat Stanley wasn’t shy about dancing.

On the way home, an alarm went off in the boat. Stanley was afraid we’d be stranded on the water, but as soon as we sped up, the motor cooled down and the alarm stopped.