Easter Celebration


My husband and I did an indoor trial "blow-up" with our 6-foot bunny before Easter.

Our granddaughter Bailey (top photo) was ahead for a while in the egg, spoon, balloon race. It was a real challenge: walking with a balloon between your knees, while holding a wooden spoon out in front of you, with an egg on it. (Amber, my daughter-in-law below).

I thought I'd found the perfect solution for dyeing eggs this year,  so we didn't have to worry about them going bad. The white, artificial eggs I bought in the store, were advertised as "The perfect no mess egg". And that was true. There wasn't any mess, because the artificial  eggs wouldn't sink down into the cup of colored dye--instead they floated! So the kids used colored flair markers to decorate the eggs.  

The grandkids had a good old fashioned sack race. (But I couldn't get any adults to join the race.)

The Easter basket my husband and I found for our granddaughter (9-year-old), Hadley was almost as big as she was. It took five packages of Easter grass to cover the bottom of the basket.,

The grandkids baked the Easter desserts. The bunny (above) was made with a 3d cake pan. The bunny is resting on shredded coconut the kids dyed green.

You're never too old to celebrate Easter. That's me in the bunny ears with my son Brian.

I bought an assortment of sprinkles, food colorings and candies, so the grandkids had a lot of cake decorations to choose from.

Hadley made her own bunny cake. She mixed a white cake batter from scratch, and tossed in colorful sprinkles, then frosted it and decorated.


James’ basket was overflowing, so we had to do some rearranging. (I think the Easter Bunny bought too much candy.)