Dirty Recipes


Chocolate cake is my family's favorite dessert, so I’ll have to try this recipe soon. Suzanne

From book club reader Laura W.
This recipe has been my birthday cake for 59  years. Our neighbor, who had a baby girl, born the same day as me, gave the recipe to my mom, and the daughter and I are still in touch, and making cakes!...it sure is delicious!


 Hi Suzanne,

This apple cake has been one of my go to fall desserts for over 30 years. The wonderful lady who shared this recipe with me was our school psychologist. Each fall at the start of the school year she would bring this cake in for the faculty. After much coaxing she gave me her recipe. I'm so glad she did because every time I make this cake, I think of her. A few years later she passed away. The cake recipe is a fond remembrance of her and the years we worked together. —Diane KP

Both versions of the Derby Pie recipe are good. I favor  the one from my former boss, Gladys. I try to make it every May for the Kentucky Derby. —Lisa H


Hi Suzanne,
These were always my favorite cookies that Mom baked when I was growing up (still are), and I don’t particularly like coffee. When I got married and moved to Missouri from Ohio, she would often bake a batch when she knew we were coming home for a visit. As you can see, it is definitely a “dirty” recipe and I recipe I still can’t bake them without thinking of my mom, who passed 10 years ago at the age of 92. Enjoy reading with you! —Judy T