Weekend Dear Reader Column Puzzle

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1. A toddler who's very talented on the drums
3. What Suzanne sometimes wears on her shirt
4. Thanks for reading with me. It's so good to read with...
5. These prickly meatballs were a real hit with readers
7. Town where the Book Club Birthday Bash was held (3 words)
8. Bought two of these and life got confusing (2 words)
9. Grandson #2
10. What Suzanne discovered at the bottom of her book bag
12. What do readers have the chance to win every month
13. Writing has come to a halt (2 words)
15. The 18-year-old cat who got stuck under the neighbor's porch
18. One of the writers who filled in for me recently (2 words)

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2. The second grader who sent us her heart
6. This saint gets buried in backyards when someone's trying to sell a house
11. An uncorrected proof of a book before publication (3 words)
14. What I served the grandkids when babysitting (2 words)
16. Who sent Suzanne the delicious belated birthday gift
17. A first time author
18. The best place to eat barbeque chicken wings (2 words)
19. An author's representative

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