Suzanne-BeecherSatisfied Cookie Winners!

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Thanks for reading with me. It’s so good to read with friends.

Suzanne Beecher
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Dear Suzanne,

Yes, the cookies arrived, despite the heat, which I think merely simulated that "fresh from the oven" scent and feel. Even my cat, Tini, was interested ... although it may have been the milk.

After snagging a few cookies from the bag, I took the rest to the library branch I visit the most, Sanger. Monica Sandford took them off my hands. Mostly relieved, I think, that it wasn't a box of puppies I was handing her, she let me to snap her picture.

Thanks so much for sharing (and reading) with friends! —Whitney

Cookies-Adrienne-070110Hi Suzanne,

Just got your cookies today... and perhaps I should have rethought telling my co-workers about them in advance of their arrival. Needless to say, they were enjoyed by many of us throughout the day. (Sorry to say, there are but a few crumbs which would make a meager appearance to the library staff up the road.) I'm amazed at how soft they have remained, and they were in fact warm when they arrived (a definite plus!). Here's a photo of me multitasking (eating and working). Thanks so much for taking the time to bake for us at the Ocean Township Town Hall. Very truly yours, Adrienne.


Hi Suzanne!

Your cookies arrived Thursday evening, the night before my knee surgery. I was so happy to come home from the hospital and start dunking. They are fabulous and so are you! Thanks so much for adding such yumminess to my recovery. —Terry


I got it today!! I was just leaving for school and my sister went out to get the mail. She was holding the package and I thought "Here it is." I opened it real quick and saw what it looked like and I love it so far. I am going to have so much fun giving them to people. I didn't even realize your skunk beans were on the back. My mom noticed them before I did. Here is a picture.

Thanks again. —Katey

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