Suzanne-Black-Dress-w-bookSatisfied Cookie Winners!

Here are recent Chocolate Chip Cookie winners. Just in case you’re a winner, be sure to include your name and address, and promise to send me a photo of you eating the cookies. It’s as simple as that.

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Thanks for reading with me. It’s so good to read with friends.

Suzanne Beecher

051711-01Hi Suzanne,
I’m a relatively new member of the email book club and haven’t entered many of your giveaways. So I was really surprised to have won so quickly. And to win your famous chocolate chip cookies made it even better. I shared with friends in my office and they were surprised by several things…that I won, that there were so many cookies in the package, that they were actually homemade and so incredibly delicious! The cookies were great, but not the best part. The best part was sharing my story and your cookies with my friends. It’s so good to do ANYTHING with friends.!
Thanks for sharing books and cookies with m.!  Sincerely, Marilyn Delaney  (I’m on the far right in the picture.)
 P.S.  I’ll be heading out to the bookstore for your book this weekend.  I’m looking forward to reading your stories and trying out some new recipes, which I know will be as awesome as your cookies.


Dear Suzanne,
What a wonderful surprise! My first grade teaching team and I all enjoyed having a chocolate chip cookie to start off Friday morning, after a rather long week with our first graders. Thanks for the neat treat. It also gave me the opportunity to talk about your email newsletter and how much I enjoy reading it, and finding out about new books and new authors. All of us are big readers. One teacher is really into books about history, several of us love mysteries, another teacher likes to read historical romance, another only reads non-fiction, and one person has no time to read anything, except what she needs for her Ph.D. Thanks for a really bright spot in our week!  (By the way, I am in the middle of the photo, fourth from the left.)  Hope you have a great weekend!  Thanks again, Diana


Dear Suzanne,
We got our cookies! Oh my gosh they are delicious - just beautiful. We ate them out on our patio,( as you can see in the picture) and we all read a book and munched on our cookies. My husband and I live in St. Petersburg, FL and we had guests from Chicago, Grand Rapids, Michigan and Michigan State University, Big Rapids, Michigan and St.Louis. What a treat! Everyone loved the cookies. -- Lois

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