Satisfied Cookie Winners!

I'm ready to bake, so enter the May Chocolate Chip Cookie Giveaway. Click here to enter your email address and tell me why you would like some chocolate chip cookies. It's really that simple!
Warm regards, Suzanne Beecher


Hi Suzanne,

My husband and I enjoyed the cookies very much! He is the photographer, (he dislikes being photographed himself) but loved making me laugh while I was dunking!

What a pair of "strange birds" we are! (Dunking our cookies in cereal.) I love your column and the daily reads. To quote a friend of mine..."It's so good to read with friends."




IMAGINE my surprise learning that I was a cookie winner!!! It was all my daughter and I could do to restrain ourselves from diving in right away. Alas, my darling husband was at work when the package arrived... the slow ticking down of hours between the delivery and his arrival was nearly agony.

This amuses me, because had it been any other day this week, I wouldn't have been home myself to discover the cookie goodness until very shortly before him! I was at home supervising the repairs and updates to our sewer line - ugh! AND THEN, by the time he got home, we really needed to eat dinner before the cookies. An hour later and the three of us were armed with cookies and milk - mmmmmm. Thank you so much. —Jennifer
P.S. my grandmother taught me a long LONG time ago that the only way to "return a cookie plate" was full of cookies - be on the lookout for my "signature" (said very tongue in cheek) oatmeal, pecan, cherry cookies in return.


Hi Suzanne,

Attached is a picture of my boys, Duncan and Spencer Adkins (11 and 8) dunking the cookies you baked for us. Nothing like chocolate chip cookies and milk in your PJs right before bed! They enjoyed them quite a lot.

In fact my diplomatic 8 year old Spencer when asked if your cookies were as good as mine replied, “Mommy I’m not sure because you haven’t baked in awhile”. Guess I need to break out the baking sheets!

Thanks again. —Charlene


Hi Suzanne,

I am so thrilled that you baked for me and my daughters! The cookies are "magically delicious!" We usually have dessert at night together before we go to bed, which is why we are wearing our pajamas in the attached pictures.

My husband took the group photos and he is technologically challenged so they are a little blurry. No amount of coaching would help that.

Additionally, my girls (15 yr old Kianni (on the left) and 11-yr old is Arianna (right) thought it was hilarious that I won the cookies from my online book club. I explained to them how wonderful the club was and how I'd discovered great new authors, but they only made fun of their "nerdy" mom who likes to read! Also, we threw healthy out of the window this morning and had chocolate chip cookies with ice-cold milk for breakfast!

Much love, and thanks, again! —Christina


Mauvice and Lynn made me a chocolate chip cookie apron. – Suzanne

cookies-mauvice-0508Dear Suzanne,

Just wanted to let you know we received the shipment of cookies. Lynn and I shared them with our sewing friends. I am including a picture we took, all of us are "toasting" your health with the wonderful cookies. In the front on the table are some of our quilting creations, two for charity and two (the blue pillow sham and brown quilt laying on the table) made by the tiny lady on the right in the pink sweatshirt, she is 79 years young and has only begun to make quilts this last year! So the cookie saga continues....It gives us great pleasure to know that you are using your apron and that we certainly enjoyed your cookies. —Mauvice Murphy and Lynn Gray in central WI