Suzanne’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Giveaway
You’ll be smiling, too, when you’re munching and dunking my cookies.
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Two staff members were not at the library when I opened your box. Rob, branch manager and Melvin, center back row in photo and front respectively. They did enjoy cookies later though. This picture was taken a week later for a staff newsletter. We have a small police substation at our branch and are standing in front of it.

Thank you again. Pat M., Clearing Branch/Chicago Public Library

Dear Suzanne, Good Morning! Attached is photo of our Illinois Prairie District Library Board Members enjoying your delicious chocolate chip cookies. Thank you for making them and sending them! With sincere gratitude for your generosity and baking skill. — John A.


Suzanne, you are an extraordinary cookie baker (and quite the packager too—not a one was broken)!

Thank you from the bottom of my tummy—and from the staff in tech services, the afternoon custodians, the nurse and the police liaison.  We’re all a little sweeter because of you.


 I got my cookies last Wednesday, which happened to be the day of our quarterly staff meeting, so I shared them with everyone at the staff meeting!