Suzanne’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Giveaway
You’ll be smiling, too, when you’re munching and dunking my cookies.
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I work at the same library as my younger sister, but we usually work on different floors.  When my package containing the cookies arrived, I exclaimed, "Oooh! My cookies!" to the co-worker who delivered the box to me.  She then returned upstairs and I went about my day.  Not two minutes later, my sister shows up at my office door: "I hear you have cookies." I told her I would share as long as she took a picture with me. So, here I am (on the left) enjoying your yummy chocolate chip cookies with my sister (on the right). Again, thank you for the cookies and the lovely book club.  I always look forward to reading your column each day.
Monica Holmer, Livingston County Library

Hi Suzanne,
Thanks so much! Delicious! I shared these at our morning staff meeting today. Cookies were a big hit.
Jan Bodnar, Outreach Supervisor, Irving Public Library

Hi Suzanne,
Here is my chocolate chip cookie ‘selfie’!  Thank you so much for the cookies!  It was fun sharing them with co-workers.  Compliments to Suzanne as they are the best chocolate chip cookies ever!  We loved the green and gold packaging...a special touch for us Packer fans.
Margo Meyer, Homebound Services Associate,
Manitowoc Public Library