Suzanne’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Giveaway
You’ll be smiling, too, when you’re munching and dunking my cookies.
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Hi Suzanne!

Thank you so much for the very delicious cookies! Thank you also to your dear husband for baking them with you. Your note was lovely too! You made our week at the Cary Area Public Library!  With gratitude and warmest regards.

Jeannette S.
Cary Area Public Library

Hi Suzanne

This is my second lucky day—the first being when I was notified I had won the cookie giveaway and today when USPS just delivered the package. Yum! There goes the New Year diet, but these cookies are worth it. I now know why everyone raves about them. I love being a member of the book club—your daily column, the opportunity to check out new books, the giveaways and, hoo boy! I'm loving these cookies! Again, thank you so much and please thank your husband too! I'm in

Cookie heaven!
Beverly W.

Thank you. The cookies are amazing. I attached a photo of a couple of the staff members at the library showing off the cookies before the official feasting began. They nicely shared the cookies with other staff members, just as I would expect from this wonderful group who make our library a fun place to visit. Thank you so much for this yummy (really yummy) treat.

Peggy P.
Maryville Community Library