Suzanne’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Giveaway
You’ll be smiling, too, when you’re munching and dunking my cookies.
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Thanks again for the cookies. We included them as part of our dessert for Thanksgiving. The attached photo shows three generations of cookie lovers – myself (Buckeyes shirt), daughter, son, wife, and mother-in-law (right to left).
Jim K.

Dear Suzanne,
Thank you so much for the cookies – they are fabulous! Even the Mailman who took the picture said so. Wishing you much joy and success! — Julie
Standing (L-R)Julie A, Kathleen O, Mary K, Janice C of the St. Clair Public Library. Seated is Hawkeye, our mascot and best friend to all the pre-school kids.

I've got a cooking fail story to share.  The very first time I made brownies from scratch, it was from a recipe my mother had found online.  Unfortunately, two things went wrong with the recipe: One, it wasn't very well written out to begin with.  Two, the printer didn't quite print it off - there were gaps in places where it simply didn't print the page.  Everything went fairly fine despite this, except for one tiny, small, easy-to-overlook detail: I didn't add flour.  And it seems that when brownies lack flour, they don't just fall flat - they boil.  Fortunately, when Mom came home she realised what went wrong and was able to salvage them, and I learned a valuable lesson about baking brownies that day. —  Jeremy P.

Hi Suzanne,
I just want to thank you for the amazing cookies you sent me! They were absolutely delicious :) I really appreciate you taking the time to bake them for me. My family and I loved them!. Thank you again!!!
Zulema C.