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Dear Suzanne,

"When I began reading this book, I really thought that it would not be one I would enjoy. But by the time I finished the excerpt I wanted to read the whole story! Thank you for introducing us to this book." -- Mary

"In this troubling time when the world is filled with such anguish, I needed something to take me away, to fill my heart and mind with happiness and adventure and above all, love. I found all of that in this book. For a short time, I lived this adventure, with its love story and found that on returning to the present, the story had been so calming, I felt I could cope with whatever came next. A book that makes the reader a part of the story, is a well-written book and remains with one long after reading it. This was such a book." -- Dorie

"Captivating narrative that transports you to another time and another land. It's always good to learn about another culture." -- Kathie

"I love Penguin Classics books. They are well put together and easily identifiable on my bookshelf. I have just decided that I want to read a classic each month and this would be a great way to start." -- Suellen


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