A caterpillar was hanging upside down on my flower garden fence, and an hour later, this is what I saw. (Below)


The Monarch Nursery


It was amazing that the caterpillar could create a chrysalis in such a short time. I was so shocked. I started talking to the caterpillar inside. "Just how did you get wrapped up so quickly? I can't believe you're in there. Can you hear me?" No answer, so I figured he was napping after all that work.

At 10 a.m. the Monarch emerged with everything intact. She is beautiful!

The chrysalis was a total green color for nine days (see photo above), but on the tenth day you could see the baby butterfly inside. 



Left top photo: A “just born” butterfly is drying out its wings. (Above:) Another new born hanging from its chrysalis on the side of a planter.

The greenery is part of the milkweed nursery. As soon as a nursery is bare I start moving caterpillars to another location. They seem to know I’m a friend, because they crawl right onto my hand.