Ron and Kim ride motorcycles. I told them they should strap a bubble machine on the back of their bikes and create a bubble blizzard in the next city parade.

When I stopped by the Soto Optical store the other day to pick up my new glasses, I took my bubble machine with me. Ron and Kim, the store proprietors, are husband and wife, and soon-to-be proud parents of their own bubble machine. They loved mine!


That's Linda with her arms in the air, standing next to Ron. Linda owns Louise's Paperie Store. She reads at the book clubs, and promotes them every chance she gets. Linda proudly displays handouts about the book clubs in her store, and she even painted our name in the collage of sayings on the front of her store.


I turned on the switch and pretty soon all the merchants on Main Street in Sarasota, were out in front of their shops, trying to figure out where all the bubbles were coming from.

And of course that's me, holding the bubble machine. I’ve always been a trouble maker.


Thanks for reading with me. It's so good to read with friends.

Suzanne Beecher