Chocolate Bubble Cake

Painting the bubble wrap is a messy job, but my grandsons loved licking their fingers afterwards. Lightly frost the cake. It doesn’t need to be perfect. The chocolate just needs something to stick to.

I made three six-inch chocolate cakes before my grandchildren came over, assuming we’d goof the first time we tried to wrap the cake. But we didn’t! My grandsons, Paul and James, gave one of the cakes to our neighbor, another went to Uncle Jim’s, and the boys took one of the cakes home.

I asked my grandson James for a big smile. He likes to make goofy faces for the camera, and I think this time he posed to show his missing tooth.

Three-year-old Hadley made brownies with Grandma for the first time.

Barry, our Tuxedo cat, thinks we have an invader in the house.

Paul and James picked some flowers and leaves from outdoors, combined water and oil and made nature arrangements. James’ creation is above. Paul’s is the photo on the right.

When you peel off the bubble wrap, do it slowly. And when you get to the end, don’t pull down from the top. Pull up from the bottom. It’s less pressure on the chocolate bubbles.