Back-to-“Shocol” Party


I love the 6 ft. Dr. Seuss character so much, that I think he’s found a permanent home in my living room. My house is very eclectic. A big fish (not real) hanging down from the ceiling, a huge vintage circus mallet resting in the corner, a wedding dress on a dress form in my vintage bathroom. Dr. Seuss will fit right in.


I didn’t even know if my grandchildren would understand why I decorated plates to look like apples. I thought maybe taking an apple to the teacher might be one of those, “back-in-the-day” things. But they knew all about it.


Introducing Mrs. Whackamore! That’s my grandson Paul standing next to her. (Our camera failed to get a good picture of Mrs. Whackamore the day of party, so my husband had to get into character again for the photo.)