Surprise Shower


My son has a hard time keeping a secret. But he kept quiet, got Amber to the shower on time, and she was VERY surprised!


Who can get the duck to the other side of the bowl first? I lost (that’s me on the left), and the winner was my daughter-in-law, Amber.

The menu: an assortment of delicate tea sandwiches, shrimp, feta cheese and pasta, fresh fruit salads, deviled eggs, lemonade, ice tea, cake, and the woman who organized the shower handmade little chocolate baby ducklings for each of us to take home.


Isn’t it cute? I found this Silver Cross pram for sale on Craigslist. It has a buggy and a bassinet.


The mother-to-be got gifts, too. Pajamas and chocolate power bars for marathon runners, or moms in labor.


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