You too can be a winner!

Dear Reader:

I love to give away stuff! So please join in the fun! You have to enter to win and I’d really like to send you something. So be sure to enter next week’s giveaway. This week’s apron winners are listed underneath the photo of Abby, that cute gray kitty. She’s the stray cat who adopted me. And the other photo is from Barbara, who won some of the pottery that I brought back from the Smoky Mountains. Thanks Barbara, I sure do appreciate it when a winner sends me a photo.

Talk to you on Monday.

Thanks for reading with me. It's so good to read with friends.
Suzanne Beecher




Hi Suzanne,
Wow! Your package arrived with the pottery you found during your recent trip to the Smoky Mountains!

It has been a gray day today and the arrival of the pottery was truly a day brightener!! Thank you. My husband thought I had been ordering online again and that "the man in brown" (UPS ) had visited! I explained I had won it and asked him to please take my photo, so I could send it to Suzanne. My husband was delighted—and relieved.
Thank you again too, for the many pleasures I get from reading along with YOU!
Big hug,


If you see your name below, watch your mail. Your apron is on the way!

Apron Winners:
Doug Nonemaker
Anagha Gala
Janet Bruehl
Robyn Galavan
Adis Umpierre
Joy Schirtzinger
Jim Sturgeon
Leah Wilson
Dee Hansford
Sharon Brizendine
Aron N. Hill
Kathy Gati
Erica Messenheimer
Rosanna Poyotte
Farah Soetaert
Linda Friedrich
Genesis Bichanich
Patty Pfund
Moe Conley
Margie Gschwendtner
Pat Huyett
Tiffany Cross
Skyla Beagle
Sallie McDaniel
Raquel Ealy