Enter to Win the Red Vintage Apron!
I found this apron in an antique/stuff store a year ago and I'm giving it away to a book club reader. You'll love it. I especially like the tie on the pockets. If you'd like to enter the drawing for my red apron, simply send me an email and be sure to include your mailing address in case you're the winner.
Send your email to:

This was my first eBay apron purchase. The apron is so comfortable that I forgot to take it off the other day when I went to the grocery store.
My Grandma Hale used to wear two aprons every day, one on top of the other. One apron was for cooking, the other was for company. If a neighbor dropped by unexpectedly Grandma simply took off her outside apron and presto, she had a clean apron on underneath.
Thanks for reading with me. It's so good to read with friends.
Warmest regards,
Suzanne Beecher