What Are These Things?

1. Use:It's a nodule from a Banksia plant that's been dried and turned into a aromatic oil dispenser.

2. Use:It's a box by Singer to hold sewing machine accessories.

3. Use:It's a vacuum cleaner nozzle!

4. Use:It's also used for weighing a letter.

5. Use:It's for poaching food andhold different-sized containers.

6. Use:It's a cheese holder, so that you can easily cut a slice with a grater.

7. Use:It's a Himalayan calendar. The first setballs refers to months, the second and third are days and the last four are the year.

8. Use:It's part of the car's homemade battery charger

9. Use:It's for displaying a shoe.

10. Use:To hold a roast ham when you carve it. The complete set includes an attached chopping board.

11. Use:Yep, a rolling pin, but forravioli!

12. Use:It's a medal. At the top you can see where the ribbon would have been.

13. Use:It's a sound bomb that can reach a volume of 110–115 dB.

14. Use:'s a barn owl nesting box!

15. Use:An "old school" store fidelity card

16. Use:It's a fork or spoon handle

17. Use:It's a Feuerzangenbowle, which is used to make punch. A sugar cube soaked in rum is placed on it and when heated sugary drops fall into the drink.

18. Use:It's an antique hydrometer used to determine the specific gravity of a liquid.

19. Use:Yes it's a spanner... An industrial-sized one that is used on pipelines for example