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Hi Suzanne:
Your cookies arrived today and they are awesome!  I took them down to the gift store that my daughter and her friend just purchased, and shared them with all the girls.
Again, thank you so much for the cookies.  I do like to bake, but it was wonderful to have someone bake for me for a change.   Love your columns and all your recipes.
Thanks for sharing-
Donna Compton
Ashland, WI

Dear Suzanne - Thank you so much for the cookies.  They were enjoyed by many and so I couldn't just send one picture. Here's the rundown on the attached collage:  Top left:  My Mom and I sharing your cookies in my hometown - Ponca City, Oklahoma.  Mom and I share the book club e-mails and your Muffins and Mayhem book and were thrilled to share your cookies.

Top right:  My very good friend and I attempting to dunk your cookies in one of our favorite red wines - not a bad idea, if you haven't tried it!

Bottom left: My daughter and I with the first taste test in my kitchen in Tulsa (I was savoring the taste and had to close my eyes to get the full effect - yum, yum :) )

Bottom right:  My lucky coworkers and I at the end of a meeting - fortunately, our vending machine sells milk so we could all dunk!

Thanks so much for sharing your cookies and your daily thoughts.  You are a treasure.  Keep up the good baking and great writing!  Sincerely, Vickie


The first installment of the Dear Reader prize our library won has arrived! Attached is a photo of me with two candles which we will put to good use. You are free to use the photo as you like. Thanks to whoever drew my name!

Jacki Dunn
Assistant to the Director for Library Services
Belvedere-Tiburon Library


 It has taken me quite some time to get the digital photo to send to you....and I must say that your cookbook is much more photogenic than I am....   I'm delighted to learn that you can actually make a cake in the microwave....what a super idea.  I've tried the banana mug and the pumpkin spice mug and look forward to sampling others.  Later in the spring, I will photocopy the ones I like best and then donate the book to the library for others to discover.  Thank you again for the excellent contest (& if you aren't able to post my photo, it won't hurt my feelings one bit!), Janet


We got our first fruit of the month delivery today! I'm attaching a picture of one of my co-workers holding open the box, which was filled with peaches and avocadoes. They were delicious and my co-workers and I really enjoyed them. Thanks for the treat!

Tricia Payne
Reference Librarian/Technology Coordinator
Nelson County Public Library


 Here is your bubble machine that I won hard at work at the Mid County Regional Library in Port Charlotte FL. Summer reading 2014.

Thanks so much, the kids had a great time.
Ellen Knoud

Your darling surprise arrived on Saturday and I have spent the intervening time trying to figure out how to get the picture off my 'smarter than me' phone!  lol  I love it so much.  I'm a tea drinker so the Mr Tea infuser is perfect, just perfect.  I'm inserting a picture of me and Mr. Tea.  Again, thank you!


Take care, Bev


Thank you, Marci


Thank you, Thank You.
Shirley C.


Thanks a million! Liz H.

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