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Dear Suzanne,

Thank you so much for the delicious chocolate chip cookies! Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and it was a sweet spot in the day to get such a nice treat delivered. I enjoyed them with my coffee and shared with my three boys who are all home for virtual school. They were just as excited as I was. I hope you had a very happy birthday and thanks again for taking the time to bake for me!


Dear Suzanne,

Attached is a photo of your wonderful chocolate chip cookies which I just received. My wife, Charlotte, passed away unexpectedly last August, and I am enjoying these cookies in her memory. Charlotte also loved chocolate chip cookies. She is in the photo--standing next t me. I only wish she were still here to share them with. I miss her so much. Thank you. They are delicious. Just like I like them.


Every month I bake for three book club readers. It’s too hot in the summer to send cookies–the chocolate melts–even when FedEx delivers second day. But you could bake your own cookies, dunk-and-munch one for yourself, and then the best part of baking–give some of them away.

Friends, neighbors, your hairstylist, a favorite small business owner, even your doctor would be thrilled to get cookies.

(Below) Enter the cookie scoop giveaway, the same scoop I use, and when you bake, I’d love to see a photo and your favorite cookie recipe, too.