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Dear Suzanne:  The cookies were wonderful. We ate and were sad when they were gone. The cookies were a gift from book club winner, Kathy Davis of Richland, Washington.  Thanks to both of you!  Richland Library staff

We are a small group in Tech Services, but we are mighty. Attached is a photo of my co-worker Sylvia Orner and me as we dunk Suzanne’s delicious cookies. Our co-worker, Mary Ann Yonki took the photo. Suzanne’s cookies bring back great memories of reading while having a yummy snack. We will enjoy the cookies on our breaks for the rest of the week. Thanks for sharing with us. Gail.


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Dear Suzanne,

Thanks for the scrumptious chocolate chip cookies. They more than lived up to  to their reputation. I've attached a few photos of the pleasure they brought, but the bulk of them were consumed at a staff meeting at the Ruth Holley Branch of the Pikes Peak Library District (Colorado Springs), for which unfortunately I do not have a picture.

Towering Tom (my husband) and Laura (my daughter) take a cookie break while working on non-dairy cheesecakes. Marie (my sister) enjoys a cookie during her online seminar. Mom and Dad demonstrate their ability to resist temptation until after lunch. We are definitely a family of non-dunkers.


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Thanks, Suzanne Beecher


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