My husband has been surrounded by stacks and stacks of "surprise" boxes. Each one is filled with things we never even knew we had. So he's been  sorting and deciding which mementos to keep, and which to toss. In the 1960's his folks owned Beecher's Stereoland and coincidentally he discovered this old flyer promoting the "virus" that would chew up your LP if you didn't keep your stylus (needle) in top condition.

I love to sit outdoors and it's always more fun when I'm in my own personal enclosure. When I was a kid, I'd attach two sheets to a clothesline with clothespins, then I'd pull out the sides of the sheets  and hold them down to the ground with bricks. My birthday isn't until May 26th, but my husband surprised me with an early gift, and it's the perfect, peaceful place to make my volunteer calls. For the past few weeks I've been calling seniors for the Senior Friendship Center, checking on folks, making sure they’re able to get food and other essentials. I  sure do love my new playhouse.

It's a Thomas Jefferson 2 cent stamp. Curious, I looked it up to see if it had increased in value. I think when I can actually walk into a stamp shop, I might walk out with $9 in my pocket.

Two heavy rains, here in Sarasota, brought out the best in my flowers. I think they grew 8 inches overnight. When I'm feeling stressed, sitting by my flower gardens is the perfect retreat.

My husband is a very handsome man, and as the song goes: He must have been a beautiful baby... In the 8th grade his teacher asked each of the students to bring in their baby picture--they were going to have a baby picture contest. Guess who won!

A book club reader sent this to me: "Suzanne, I saw this on FB this morning and I immediately thought of you and your electric bubble machine. I’ve also been baking up bunches of cookies and sharing them with my family and neighbors, and I feel like you are guiding me through this to keep everyone's spirits bright. Thank you! -- Andrea

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