Suzanne in her kitchen making chocolate chip cookies. Click to visi her cookbook website.

The members of the READ book club in Temple, Texas were the very first in the country to choose Muffins and Mayhem for their book club selection. After reading their comments, it sounds like there were a lot of tears, laughter and some real good food. They prepared some of the recipes in my book for their book club dinner. Thanks ladies, it was a thrill for me to read your feedback! —Suzanne


Hi Suzanne,

Just got home from our May book club meeting a little while ago.  Here are some comments that came up in our discussion:

"In 'Muffins and Mayhem" Suzanne opens her life, warts and all, to us; her recipes for life, her failings and successes, her doubts and confidence. This totally honest chronicle of a woman's life inspires us all to look for the opportunities presented, create them if not presented and grab onto them; to take a risk and to treasure love above all."  —Barbara Moyles

"Suzanne always had a positive outlook no matter what was happening in her life....a true survivor." —Roseann Schneitz

"Whether you've failed or succeeded, had a "princess" childhood or parents lacking in parenting skills, been an employee or entrepreneur, felt out of your element or very confident, this is the book for you.  It is a book for every woman."  —Barbara Moyles

"Suzanne takes the "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" to whole new heights"  —Maribeth Sexton

"Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I'm sooo not Suzy Homemaker but your mother's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies were fabulous." —Christie Houston

"When I read about your father's death bed when he touched your face, I cried buckets. "You touched me in many ways.  I feel I have known you forever!" —Christie Houston

Our dinner menu tonight (all recipes from your book) was:

    Zucchini Bisque
    Mrs. Crestwick's Meat Loaf
    Skunk Beans
    Mom's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

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