This Week’s Business Book:

Revenue Disruption: Game-Changing Sales and Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Growth
by P. Fernandez

The way that most corporations create revenue today is obsolete, if not dysfunctional. Global technological, cultural, and media changes have forever transformed the process of buying and selling, and have left marketing and sales leaders struggling to keep up. The results are squandered growth opportunities and trillions in lost revenue. Yet after years of a weak economy, volatile financial markets, and lingering high unemployment, genuine revenue growth must be a priority for every business. Executives can no longer resort to cost-cutting to improve bottom-line business performance. They need bold new strategies to transform corporate revenue performance and ignite outsized revenue growth.

Revenue Disruption shows business leaders how to seize opportunity created by fundamental changes in buying, wrought by the web, digital media, mobile devices, and social networks. Its breakthrough Revenue Performance Management, or RPM, approach shatters outdated practices for marketing and sales and provides the blueprint for a far more effective revenue process for companies big and small. This revolutionary approach recognizes the seismic shift in the process of buying and selling. It examines the current model and offers real-world solutions for fixing it. Then, it lays out a detailed plan that can profoundly transform your sales and marketing performance to win this century's revenue battle.

It's an ambitious goal. But companies worldwide have already put this plan into action--and those who do see their revenue-generating capacities increase, some by as much as 40 percent. Disrupt the status quo, and start your own revenue revolution.